Skyword Publishing API Overview

The Remote API for integrations with client content management systems

The Skyword Publishing API content delivery solution is a communication API used to transmit data between Skyword360 and your Content Management System (CMS). It facilitates all communications between Skyword360 and a CMS by establishing a secure connection and automating all data requests.

The Publishing API is a REST-based, client-side API with JSON as the data interchange format. When content is marked as approved in Skyword360, Skyword initiates the communication to your CMS via HTTPS. As such, you will need to implement a process to listen and respond to incoming HTTPS traffic.


Skyword Publishing API

Pre-Built Publishing API Implementations

The Skyword Publishing API is a "reverse API" architecture, meaning that the API is implemented on the client side, rather than in Skyword360. Skyword provides fully implemented plugins for your Drupal 8 or WordPress CMS. You can download the Skyword Module for Drupal or Skyword WordPress API Plugin and begin publishing within a very short period of time.

Custom API Implementations

Alternatively, you can choose to implement this client-side API by conforming to the specifications detailed in the Reference section. This option might be perfect to integrate an in-house solution or a CMS not implemented by Skyword.

You can also download the API Swagger file.

Benefits of the Publishing API

This solution can automate all tasks performed frequently, such as pushing approved content, synchronizing taxonomy, and transferring media files.

  • Automatic publication of content created in Skyword360 to your CMS.
  • Automatic syncing of author and taxonomy lists to maintain consistency between your CMS and your Skyword360 channel. New categories or tags added to your CMS are available for your writers to select in just a few minutes without any manual updating.
  • Enhanced SEO metadata fields added to a default CMS installation. Gain more control over the title and description text displayed in search results. This data can be transmitted along with content items.
  • New author accounts automatically created in your CMS from approved Skyword360 bylines, eliminating the need to invite and grant CMS access to anyone beyond your core CMS users.
  • Meta tags supported using the Open Graph protocol. You can standardize how your content appears when shared to social media.
  • Content performance tracking using the Skyword Tracking Tag and Skyword360 analytics. Find in-depth viewer metrics on your published content reported in your channel's Analysis pages.
  • Options for privacy protection in how the Skyword Tracking Tag collect data on visitors to Skyword360-created published content. The API and the Skyword plugins that implement it honor channel settings that enable anonymous tracking.
  • An optional Content Import feature enables you to bring content created outside of Skyword360 into the platform to consolidate maintenance and strategy activities in a single application. See Import of Existing Content for more information.