AEM Integration Specs

  • Versions supported: AEM v. 6.1 through v. 6.5 have been tested.
  • Installation access: AEM CRXDE Lite interface
  • Service package: Obtained from the Skyword Integrations Team
  • User account: System User with read access to the root node, full access to the content node
  • Service configurations: Site parameters (required), advanced system parameters (optional)
  • Prerequisite data: Your AEM content template node structure and properties must be sent to the Skyword Integrations Team (export a package of existing content)
  • Content template: Skyword360 supports multiple rich media components such as single line text, large body HTML text, drop-down menus and tagging based on taxonomies, multi-select fields, image attachment upload, file attachments, checkboxes. The platform can enforce mandatory requirements, cardinality, and validations.
  • Data transmitted: The Skyword AEM Service pulls approved content via an XML feed from Skyword360 into the AEM instance, including the following data elements.
Field TypeDescription/Requirements
TitleThe title of the article. Maximum length is 255 characters. Simple plaintext characters only, no HTML.
IDThe Skyword360 internal identifier for the article. This is a plaintext 20-digit numeric. This is the primary way of identifying a Skyword360 article.
Content BodyThe full content body of the article. Maximum length is 65,535 characters. This element will contain HTML markup in escaped entity encoding format.
Author NameThe byline of the writer. Maximum length is 255 characters. Simple plaintext characters only.
CategoryThe category name of the article. All articles are classified into one and only one client defined category. Maximum length is 60 characters. Plaintext characters only.
Title TagThe HTML of the article. This can be different than the formal title of the article in order to more fully optimize (SEO) the content.
Meta DescriptionThe HTML meta description ().
Meta KeywordsThe HTML meta keywords (meta name=”keyword” content=””>).
KeywordThe keyword used to optimize (SEO) the article content.