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WordPress Publishing Overview

Skyword360 can push approved content to your WordPress CMS using one of two proprietary plugins. Publishing to your site occurs automatically after a user publishes the content item in Skyword360.

  • The Skyword WordPress API Plugin is an implementation of the Skyword Publishing API using REST to post content to your site. You can access the plugin via the WordPress repository by searching for "Skyword Publishing API." See WordPress API REST Plugin for more information.
  • The Skyword Plugin for WordPress integrates Skyword360 with your WordPress site. It uses XML-RPC to deliver, update, and delete content on your site. After you install the plugin and configure an editor account for Skyword360 to use, the platform can automatically sync your authors, categories and tags. You can also access the Skyword administration interface in WordPress. See WordPress XML-RPC Plugin for more information.

Contact your Skyword representative or [email protected] to discuss your options.

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WordPress Publishing Overview

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