Video Publishing

Delivery methods for video content are different than delivery methods for other content types. The Skyword Platform does not use the delivery settings that were designed for written content. Instead, there are three delivery or hosting options for video content.

Kaltura: Videos are hosted on Kaltura, and channel users receive an embed link that they can use to share the video on websites and social networks. There is an additional cost to channels that use this service, so Skyword employees should verify that the channel has signed up for this service before it is enabled.

YouTube: Channel users can publish video content directly to YouTube as long as they have authorized Skyword to connect to their YouTube channels. This publishing option is free.

Manual Download: Channel users can download videos from the Skyword Platform for hosting on another platform, website, or service. This option is still available when either hosting option is enabled for a channel.

Note: The video reporting features in the Skyword Platform work only when the hosting setting is enabled for YouTube, Kaltura, or both.