Import of Existing Content

Only available to clients who have implemented the Skyword Publishing API, the Content Import feature enables you to bring content created outside of Skyword360 into the platform to consolidate maintenance and strategy activities in a single application.

With all content in Skyword360, you can refresh, reuse, and republish any existing content while assessing its value in terms of your overall content strategies. If you are able to republish the imported content with the Skyword Tracking Tag, you can also track future content performance using the reports in the Analysis pages.

The Publishing API used for content import may also be used for a channel's delivery method, but the dual use is not required.

Configuring the import

Skyword Support representatives can set up import jobs based on your needs. Each import pulls in non-Skyword360 content items from your CMS and associates them with a single content type.

  1. After testing your API connection, a Skyword Admin works with you to define your import parameters.
  2. You can determine the content items imported by exact title, keywords in titles, post status, post type, tags, categories, single author, and content creation timeframe.
  3. You can set the status of all imported items to either submitted or published, or you can let the system map the state of each imported item automatically.
  4. Skyword recommends allowing the system to create a new content type for your imported items so that the proper import fields are set up. You can provide a custom name for the new content type, or direct Skyword Support to use an existing content type that was created for import purposes.

You can modify the requirements and workflow for the content type after the import completes.