Copy and Paste Method

Copy and paste is an ideal solution for channels that have low volumes of content or need to get started quickly. You can always transition your channel to an automated content delivery method at a later date.

Once content is written and approved in Skyword360, the users you specify will receive an email notification. The users can open the webpage and manually copy the content, as shown in Figure 5, and then paste the content in to the channel's CMS. The tracking tag for the content item is also included on the page and should be copied and pasted in to your CMS.

Content Template

Skyword360 allows you to create custom templates and fields when using this feature. Content from different fields in the content template will appear in individual boxes on the copy and paste page.

Image and File Delivery

Images and files have to be attached to content—they cannot be embedded. All attachments must be manually downloaded and uploaded to your website.

Security Features

You can grant access to any employee by entering their email address into Skyword360. Those employees will be notified via email and can then copy and paste the approved content. You can restrict this access by IP address or range.

More Information

To learn more about the copy and paste delivery method, see the Copy/Paste Delivery Overview. Your content strategist can provide you with this document.