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WordPress API Plugin Configuration

You can configure Skyword API plugin settings from the WordPress administration interface.

Access the Skyword settings interface by signing in to the WordPress website as an administrator. Then from the sidebar, select Settings, and then select Skyword.

You can modify the settings at any time. The following list provides information about the settings and how they work. You must click Save Changes after enabling or disabling any settings.

Supported Integration Options

  • API Key: This field stores the channel's API key.
  • Facebook OpenGraph: Enable to include the Facebook Open Graph tags on posts. These tags send information to Facebook when a page is recommended, liked, or shared by Facebook users.
  • SEO Page Title: Enable to include the search engine optimized page title. Pages use the search engine optimized title provided by Skyword360.
  • Meta Description: Enable to include the meta description tag. This tag provides additional information for search engines to properly index the web page.
  • Google News Keywords: Enable only for sites that have been accepted as news providers by the Google News team. The Google News Keyword tag provides additional information for Google to index the page for news searches.
  • Enable XML Sitemaps: Enable to use the sitemap settings. Sitemap settings are not available if this setting is not enabled.
  • Generate XML Sitemap for all content: Enable to generate a sitemap of all posts and pages.
  • Generate Google News Sitemap: Enable only for sites that have been accepted as news providers by the Google News team. This sitemap generates a sitemap that allow Google to discover and index a site’s news content.
  • Generate Pages Sitemap: Enable to generate a sitemap of the site’s pages.
  • Generate Categories Sitemap: Enable to generate a sitemap of the site’s category pages.
  • Generate Tags Sitemap: Enable to generate a sitemap of the site’s tags.
  • Create WordPress User accounts for new authors: Enable to auto-create WordPress user accounts for new Skyword authors. This feature is not available for clients using the WordPress Co-Authors Plus add-on because that product handles this action. Clients who are not using the Co-Authors Plus add-on can toggle this feature using this Skyword setting in their WordPress admin interface.

Support for Other WordPress Plugins

Skyword360 can interface with other plugins to provide additional functionality.

  1. Yoast SEO: This plugin offers the channel a number of extensions for optimizing the content on its WordPress site for search engines. Yoast adds SEO Page Title and Meta Description custom post fields for post information.

This information is also captured within the workflow process in Skyword360. If the platform detects that the Yoast plugin is installed, it stores this information in the Yoast custom post fields. This permits all content editing to be completed within the platform, eliminating the need to further edit or add this information using the WordPress administration interface. In addition, if the platform detects that the Yoast plugin is installed, it does not update the meta information in the section of the posts and defers that functionality to Yoast.

  1. Co-Authors Plus: This plugin allows the channel to create a guest author profile if you don’t want to generate an author account in WordPress for every Skyword contributor. Also, it can be used to assign multiple authors to one piece of content.
    The Skyword WordPress API Plugin passes author data including bylines and bios (profile images are not available in the current version) to a WordPress implementation using the Co-Authors Plus add-on. The plugin works in the opposite direction as well: an author sync function can retrieve new authors and editors in WordPress to add to a Skyword360 channel. Your WordPress administrators can use Co-Authors Plus template tags to list co-authors anywhere they would normally list authors.

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WordPress API Plugin Configuration

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