AEM Service

After installing the Skyword Service Package for AEM, you must set up user access and update the service to retrieve content from Skyword. Your Skyword Admin can help you configure the necessary settings in Skyword360.

Custom AEM Fields

Skyword360 can capture and transmit your selected data fields to your AEM site, or you can use the Skyword360 standard content template. Within the content template, Skyword360 supports a wide variety of fields and UX configurations based on your JCR node structure setup in AEM. Contributors or editors enter this information while creating content in the platform. Your Skyword Admin can configure the content type fields in the platform for you.

Author Mapping

In a default implementation, Skyword360 creates a property named “author” and sends this value along with an article to your AEM instance. Additional author mappings may be possible with a custom implementation.

Custom Metadata

Skyword360 can send any custom metadata to conform to your AEM configuration. Contact your Skyword Admin to discuss your requirements.

Image Delivery

Skyword360 can transmit images that are referenced in article content in a textImage node. These image references are pulled separately from the platform and placed in an AEM Photos folder.

Your AEM template formats the transmitted content and images and publishes them based on your template configuration.

Security Features

The Skyword service for AEM uses an API key for authentication. This key is used in the URL of your content feed and can be revoked if needed at any time. You can also restrict access to the content feed by IP address or range. The connection is protected with SSL.

More Information

To learn more about the Skyword plugin for AEM, see the Skyword Adobe Experience Manager Integration Guide. Your Skyword Admin can provide you with this document.