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Drupal 8 Module Installation

Skyword has implemented its Publishing API solution as a plugin for your Drupal 8 CMS. You can download the Skyword Module for Drupal from the Drupal repository to begin the setup process described below.


  • Access to perform installations on the server that hosts your Drupal instance.

Drupal 8 Module Installation steps

  1. Install the Drush 8 command line shell on the server hosting your Drupal CMS.
    Find instructions and links at
  2. Navigate to the root directory of your Drupal site.
  3. Download the most recent 8.x-1.x Skyword Module for Drupal from the Drupal repository at
  4. Extract the module into /web/modules/contrib.
  5. Run the following command to enable the plugin.
    drush en skyword_service_account -y

Updated 2 years ago

Drupal 8 Module Installation

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