WP XML-RPC Integration Specs

  • Versions supported: WordPress v. 3.3 and newer. Note this integration method is no longer available.
  • Installation access: WordPress Admin account
  • Plugin: “Skyword API Plugin” in the WordPress Plugins repository
  • Authentication: API key or editor-level username/password
  • Plugin configurations: Settings in the WordPress admin interface for enabling Facebook OpenGraph, title tags, meta description, Google News keywords, and XML sitemaps.
  • Prerequisite data: Provide any web service security credentials to the Skyword Integrations Team.
  • Other supported options: Yoast SEO, Co-Authors Plus, WordPress VIP, Multisite.
  • Content template: Skyword360 supports multiple rich media components such as single line text, large body HTML text, drop-down menus and tagging based on taxonomies, multi-select fields, image attachment upload, file attachments, checkboxes. The platform can enforce mandatory requirements, cardinality, and validations.
  • Core data transmitted: Skyword360 transmits the following values for approved content (posts) to a WordPress instance.
Field TypeDescription/Requirements
TitleThe title of the content item. Maximum length is 255 characters. Simple plaintext characters only, no HTML.
BodyThe full HTML of the body of the content item. This also includes the Skyword Tracking Tag if allowed. Maximum length is 65,535 characters. This element will contain HTML markup in escaped entity encoding format.
CategoriesThe WordPress categories assigned to the content item.
TagsThe tags assigned to the content item.
Publication StateState to send the content item in for the WordPress site. Options are draft and publish.
User IdThe ID of the author of the content item.
Embedded and Featured imagesSkyword360 transmits embedded images to your WordPress Media Library for storage. Additionally, each post may have a single featured image associated. The platform can transmit a caption, title, and alt text along with the featured image.
  • Custom post data transmitted: Skyword360 also transmits the following values as custom post fields. Other custom post types are also supported.
Field TypeDescription/Requirements
Content IdThe identifier of the post in the platform.
Content TypeAn organizational element in Skyword360 defining the kind of content created and the requirements for that content.
Publication TypeA designation from Skyword360 that indicates whether this post is for “evergreen” or “news” SEO.
Tracking TagThe Skyword tracking code to track and report performance of the post. This is a JavaScript snippet added in the body of the post via shortcode.
Meta TitleThe SEO-optimized title of the content item to be used in the tag.
Meta DescriptionThe SEO-optimized short description of the content item.
Google News fieldsThese values include publication name, publication access, publication keywords, publication stockticker.
  • Account data transmitted: Skyword360 freelance contributor bylines can be displayed on your website, using one of several methods to interpret the data. If you allow Skyword360 to sync and create new author accounts in WordPress, the following information is transmitted for each new contributor: username, role, first and last name, nickname, email, biographical info, and password.