WordPress API REST Plugin

Skyword has implemented its Publishing API solution as a REST-based WordPress plugin. You can download the Skyword WordPress API Plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository.


  • Access to perform installations on the server that hosts your WordPress CMS.

WordPress API Plugin Installation steps

  1. Search the WordPress Plugin Repository for Skyword Publishing API, or navigate directly to https://wordpress.org/plugins/skyword-publishing-api/.


Note: There are two Skyword plugins in the repo at this time. The Skyword API Plugin is the legacy XML-RPC WordPress plugin; the Skyword Publishing API is the plugin using the REST API.

  1. Click the available button (either Install or Download) and extract the skyword-publishing-api..zip file to the wordpress > wp-content > plugins folder in your local WordPress instance.
  2. Activate the plugin from the WordPress administration interface.
    Click the Plugins menu on the sidebar, find Skyword Publishing API in the list, and click Activate.
  3. Notify the Skyword team that the plugin has been installed.
    The team will configure the required channel settings, delivery settings, content type settings, templates, and taxonomies to support your WordPress integration.
  4. Complete the plugin authentication steps.
    a. Request and API key from the Skyword team.
    b. In WordPress, select Settings from the sidebar, then select Skyword.
    c. Paste the API key into the Skyword API Key field.
    d. Click Save Changes.
  5. Notify the Skyword team that authentication is complete.
    The team will test the connection.
  6. Configure any remaining configurations in WordPress.