Marketing Email Publishing

Skyword + Marketing Automation integrates Marketo’s marketing automation solution with Skyword360 to give channel users a streamlined method to create and publish content for their email marketing campaigns. Approved content created in Skyword360 transmits directly to a client’s Marketo account for email dissemination.

Additionally, a Marketo integration offers a more robust way for clients to measure the value of their content marketing investments. Clients can access metrics on lead generation to report on the impact of their published content and use this data to guide their content strategies.

Marketo Publishing

In order for users to transmit properly formatted email content from Skyword360 to a Marketo project, an API user and service must be created in Marketo. Then, the Client Id and Client Secret from the new service as well as REST API Endpoint and Identity URLs must be entered into the Skyword360 connection form.

With the connection established, Skyword360 can collect the list of email templates from the Marketo account. Then a Skyword Admin can configure content templates with fields that match the email templates. Each Marketo email template must have a corresponding content type and template. Several emails can be created using a single content template as long as each has a different email name.

Email content moves through a channel's workflow just like other content types. When a channel user publishes the content, Skyword360 sends the email to Marketo as approved content. Users must access Marketo to complete the email dissemination process.

Marketo Reporting

The reporting connection with a Marketo account is separate from the publishing connection. The Marketo SOAP web service API endpoint, user ID, and encryption key must be entered into the Skyword360 connection form. Once established, the connection begins delivering leads data to the Skyword360 channel's Analysis pages.