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Drupal 8 Module Configuration

Configuration Instructions

  1. In your Drupal 8 instance, access the Skyword module settings page.
  2. Log in with your Drupal administrator account.
  3. Enter the API key you received from the Skyword Integrations Team.
  4. Click Save Configuration.
  5. In the Manage menu, select the People interface, then click the Roles tab.
  6. Click Add role, and enter "Skyword Author." This is the role used for transmitting and syncing author data from Skyword360. Save the new role.
    Note: The "Skyword Author" role name is the expected role for Skyword360 content authors. If a different role name is used, you must manually assign author accounts to it.
  7. Find the Skyword Author role in the Roles list and edit permissions.
  8. In the Skyword permissions section, check the Is Listed as Skyword Author checkbox. Save your changes.
  9. Notify your Skyword Integrations Team to test the connection.

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Drupal 8 Module Configuration

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