Drupal 8 API Module Integration Specs

  • Versions supported: Drupal 8
  • Installation access: Admin access to your Drupal instance
  • Plugin: “Skyword Module for Drupal” in the Drupal repository
  • Authentication: API key
  • Plugin configurations: API key and roles and permissions setup.
  • Content template: Skyword360 supports multiple rich media components such as single line text, large body HTML text, drop-down menus and tagging based on taxonomies, multi-select fields, image attachment upload, file attachments, checkboxes. The platform can enforce mandatory requirements, cardinality, and validations.
  • Data transmitted: The Publishing API is a REST-based, client-side API with JSON as the data interchange format. When content is marked as approved in Skyword360, Skyword initiates the communication to your CMS via HTTPS. Typical API calls transfer the following data.
Field TypeDescription/Requirements
AuthorsWhen content authors get created in the Skyword program that do not already exist in your CMS, the API offers a POST /authors call to transfer the information and create a new user in the CMS.
ImagesImages are transmitted separately from content data. Each POST /images call creates a new file containing the image in your CMS. The response to this call is a link header with the API URL for the media object. Skyword360 stores the URL in order to display it on user demand and track it with its content.
Image MetadataThe meta info that accompanies an image attachment must be added to the CMS file created by the images transfer. This call adds the image title and image ALT tag to the file.
PostsApproved content items get transmitted to your CMS for any remaining adjustments and publishing. The content POST call creates a post in the CMS. The data transmission contains template fields and values, including content body, author name, and meta information. It also contains the Skyword internal content ID, content type, title, author ID, and settings for appending the Skyword Tracking Tag.
Note that Skyword360 can identify content fields in use in your Drupal 8 CMS so that the Skyword Integrations Team can map them to template elements. The resulting values are transmitted in the post data.
Taxonomy SyncTaxonomies are lists of items that populate drop-down menus in a Skyword360 channel's content templates. An API method keeps the channel’s taxonomies in sync with your CMS by pulling new lists and values in the GET/taxonomies call.
Author SyncAs with taxonomies, the API provides a method to keep an author list up to date in Skyword360.
  • Excluded template elements: The following field values (if added to a template) are not sent to a CMS with POST data: ArticleEntity, ArticlePlagiarism, Container, DataOnly, DisplayOnly, EnterSingleValue, ExpandedGeolocation, Facebook, Geolocation, GoogleKeywords, Keyword, MetaKeyword, MutlipleArticleEntity, SimilarArticles, StockTicker, Video.

See https://docs.integrations.skyword.com/reference#skyword-publishing-api for the full API specification.