The client-side API for Skyword's Publishing API solution


This API is REST based with JSON as the transport data type and defines the communication protocol between Skyword and a remote content management system (CMS). Skyword is the initiator for all of the API calls here. The Remote CMS is the receiver of those requests. It processes and responds back to Skyword.

This API specification is meant to be CMS agnostic. However, some CMSs may require some special functions or data elements depending upon capabilities.

Download the API spec


The API is hosted on a client's remote CMS, usually via a plugin. Therefore the domain of the endpoint varies by client. All API paths and methods, however, are the same.

All endpoint methods start with the path prefix of /skyword/v1/, for example:


The newer version of the Skyword Publishing API specification no longer employs Oauth2. It uses an API key to secure all data transfers.

Contact your Skyword Integrations Team to receive your API key.


Any GET calls that are paginated use the Link header introduced by RFC 5988. An extra header called X-Total-Count is sent with the total number of available results.

GET https://some-server/skyword/v1/taxonomies?page=14&per_page=25

<https://some-server/skyword/v1/taxonomies?page=15&per_page=25>; rel="next",
<https://some-server/skyword/v1/taxonomies?page=34&per_page=25>; rel="last",
<https://some-server/skyword/v1/taxonomies?page=1&per_page=25>; rel="first",
<https://some-server/skyword/v1/taxonomies?page=13&per_page=25>; rel="prev"
X-TotalCount: 850